Tales of Merf KDocity’s Travel Thingy


Merf’s Law – By Merf

Nobody really likes to admit it, let alone think about it or even worse, acknowledge it, but sometimes things don’t go according to plan. It is fall, after all, and winter will soon follow. Though you may be planning to getaway to somewhere warm and sunny, to visit relatives, to go skiing or to be whisked off to some wonderful destination for work, we must pause a moment and think of what mother nature might inflict on us and how we can best prepare ourselves.

While we make every effort to keep to our schedule and to fly on time, there are a few situations which prevent us from maintaining our schedule. At this time of year, we are occasionally hampered by fog and/or snow on the runway. Though we would like to be able to predict these occurrences, we are not always able to look into the future. Should these issues arise in Qualicum, we make every effort to transport affected passengers via shuttle to/from Nanaimo Airport, should the option be viable, or to the BC Ferry Terminal.

What does this mean in terms of Merf’s Law? Please prepare for the possibility of delays or cancellations. Though most of our flights depart as per our schedule, your flight could be changed. Our advance check in policy is 30 minutes before flight time. It is suggested that during times of inclement weather, you should call KD Air at 1-800-665-4244 to ask about possible flight changes prior to arriving at the airport and remember to give yourself plenty of time. Do not book flights with tight connections as you will be setting yourself up to be a Merf’s Law victim.


Amazing Merf!

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Merf has been nearly impossible to control lately. He is into everything, onto everything and everywhere all the time. We are beginning to think that he has a problem with sitting still.  In record time, he has successfully completed his WHIMS training, has learned to read the charts and has done his ground schooling. Merf is quite insistant that he is fully capable of flying our planes. Though we try to explain to Merf that his purpose here is to be our KDocity Travel Thingy mascot, he just doesn’t seem to be content with his limited profile. He is seeking to become the next great KD pilot, we believe, though he has not actually come out and said so directly. We’ve asked Merf to sit back and smell the flowers for the time being and the future will take care of itself.

One thought on “Tales of Merf KDocity’s Travel Thingy”

  1. I think it is time for more Merf stories. I miss reading them. I realize that he has been very busy, but please let us in with what he has been doing.

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