Nuts & Bolts – The Staff

 Front Desk/ Administration


Meet Jayne, one of KD’s finest nuts! Jayne has been with KD since June 2010 and is a  large part of the nut family. She has a natural ability to make everyone laugh. When not at work, she is a world-class soccer player who spends her free time playing in traffic on her bike. We all love Jayne.

Now we have Miranda!!! IMG_3730She is a 21-year-old student from Vancouver. She is bilingual in both national languages and has a passion for linguistics. Currently she is studying International Business Management with a focus of transportation. In her spare time, she volunteers with differently-abled children and teenagers. Throughout the summer months, she enjoys hiking, camping and the beach with her dog.

Then there is Jolene.  jolene Jolene has been living on Vancouver Island for the past 10 years. Previously she traveled while teaching English overseas.  Originally, she is a Prairie Girl but her love for water and mountains drew here west. After years of teaching overseas, she settled here with her dog where they take advantage of all the wonderful hiking trails that there here in the Island.




Marty arty fo harty fi fie mo marty, aka Martin!! Martin is most certainly a wing nut, of that there can be no debate! He is well versed in the aviation world, and even better, he has become an all important part of KD’s “czech-ing” line, checking in customers with great fanfare at The South Terminal. We are pleased to have Martin backing us in our Vancouver end zone – his baggage handling skills are simply amazing.

This is Rebecca. What shall we say about Becca-Wrecca?  Well…. Becca is our office nut extraordinaire. She is well versed in the arts of non-verbal communications and keeps us all on board  with her magical talking eyes. Smart, funny and calm, she can be counted on to maintain her decorum in the face of uncertainty. She is faster than a speeding text message, more powerful than a 1000GB hard drive, able to leap the confusions of the daily grind in a single bound. Look sideways! It’s a bird, it’s a plane….. NO it’s Becca!

Heeeere’s Diana! Depending on the day, Diana is a nut or a bolt or 313887_10150396229166209_1936960074_nboth. She keeps all of us nuts and bolts organized and has an amazing talent for finding golden eggs in the most unusual places. Diana is the boss but has no problem in letting it all hang out from time to time!

KD Air welcomes our newest pal, Merf, The KDocity Rock Thingy.  He joins us from the rocky shores of beautiful Sproat Lake in Port Alberni, BC. It is so nice to have found such a rock-solid addition to the KD Clan so close to home.  Merf is a fiesty and loveable character who is planning on having many wonderful adventures with us. You can look forward to seeing more of Merf during the weeks and months ahead.


Ray is our “drop of golden sun”. Without Ray, we would have nothing to gossip about and nobody to keep us guessing! He enjoys slinking about the streets on his motorcycle, hanging out at his favorite grocery store and pretending to make use of the local gym. It can be said that Ray has the best landings, the best teeth and the worst habit of losing things. We have all agreed that Ray is a wing nut.

Lars is KD’s chief wing nut and every now and then a washer. Lars has been with KD Air since day one, over 19 years. He claims his life is still all up in the air. On his days off, he can be found hanging, gliding, biking, hiking or simply snoring.  He is terribly fond of his own two feet.

4 thoughts on “Nuts & Bolts – The Staff”

  1. When can we expect a more “animated” and
    flattering picture of the lovely Diana on the Blog
    and secondly, what size are Lars feet? Bigfoot
    may have been discovered living in Port Alberni!!!!

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