Contests and Promotions


Can you guess how many gold coins are in the pot? If you guess right then you have the chance to win a $50 Gift Certificate.

Can you name the three Saint’s of Ireland?
If you can then you can win ANOTHER $50 Gift Certificate.

Make sure your email has your name, phone number and date on it as well as your guess!
Our email to email in is

The winner will be called Sunday March 18th.

The Quizzical Contest

Answer the most questions right and you will have the chance to win a $100 Gift Certificate. The first person to email ( with the most correct answers will win the Gift Certificate. The contest starts February 9th and will continue for 2 weeks, ending March 4th at 5pm. The winner will be posted on March 4th after 5pm.

Ready…Set…Good Luck!!

1) Who is NOT a Pilot with KD Air?
a) Francis
b) Joe
c) Peter
d) Ray

2) Where does KD Air NOT fly on scheduled flights?
a) Vancouver
b) Gillies Bay
c) Nanaimo
d) Qualicum Beach

3) Who works in Vancouver at the South Terminal for KD Air?
a) Rebecca
b) Jayne
c) Cara
d) Ashlee

4) Our smallest plane is what kind of plane? (, under company, will help you with this one)
a) Cessna 172
b) Piper Navajo
c) Piper Chieftan

5) If your taking our shuttle to Port Alberni you will go past a big lake, what is the lake called?
a) Horne Lake
b) Cameron Lake
c) Spider Lake
d) Sproat Lake

6) What is the name of the restaurant located at the Qualicum Airport?
a) The First Approach
b) The Airport Restaurant
c) The Final Approach
d) KD Air Restaurant

7) How many extra flights are there when comparing our Summer Schedule to our Winter Schedule?
a) none, they are the same
b) 3
c) 2
d) 1

8) What does the KD stand for in KD Air?
a) Ketty – Diane
b) Ketty – Diana
c) Kathlean – Diane
d) Kathlean – Diana

9) What year did KD Air start operating?
a) 1989
b) 1990
c) 1991
d) 1992

10) When checking into KD Air, how much earlier then your flight time should you check in at?
a) 15 mins
b) 20 mins
c) 25 mins
d) 30 mins

11) What is the name of the restaurant, that is named after an animal, located in the South Terminal? HINT: Its the pilots favorite restaurant
a) The Flying Beaver
b) The Flying Cougar
c) The Flying Horse
d) The Flying Eagle

Don’t forget your information when you email in. We will need your name and a phone number to get a hold of you with.

Go Cruisin’ With the KD Crew – Contest Alert!

On Thursday, June 23, 2011, the crew at KD Air will be setting sail for 6 hours of relaxation and fun aboard the MV Klasact 1, a 48 foot motor yacht, departing from The Palms Marina in Nanaimo. We’d like YOU to join us! Simply send us an email to and tell us a story about your KD Air experience. You will be entered to win 2 places for a 6 hour cruise, dinner and snacks included! The winner will be announced on  June 20, 2011.

Hello to Spring Sale

It is time to shake off those winter blues and say hello to spring! At KD Air, we’d like to put a little spring into your step and put a few extra dollars in your pocket by offering you a special airfare deal.  For the month of April, we are reducing our airfares by 8.5%!!!! This comes at the same time as BC Ferries is increasing theirs 6.71%.   Fly with KD Air during the month of April and take advantage of our limited time offer.  Save valuable time and money too. These fare reductions apply to all fares excluding Quick Ticket, Weekend Specials and Student Fares. These sales fares cannot be combined with any other offers.

And the Winner is…….

Kerri from Vancouver submitted the winning entry for our Valentine’s Day Contest. Kerri is the lucky winner of two round trip tickets between Vancouver and Qualicum! We are sure that Kerri and her Sweetheart Sam will be happy with their prize. Thanks to all who entered! Keep checking back as we will have many more contests and super savings to be had in the future!

And here is the heartwarming story:

Sam and I met in high school. I was best friends with his older brother and Sam was a couple of years younger than me. He asked me out on a date and I thought he was a little young for me and kind of dorky, but I thought, what did I have to lose?
We started dating and soon were inseparable. We literally spent every waking moment together. As time went on though, things started to get a little rocky. Young love can be so fickle, and teenage tempers can be so quick. We fought bitterly, and broke up. We went our separate ways.
In my heartbreak, I decided it was time for a change. I wanted to see more of  the world so I struck out on a year long trip to
Australia. I was lonely, the bugs were eating me alive, and the constant heat became unbearable, so I decided to return to Canada.
I moved back east to
Toronto to try and get my foot in the door of the film industry. I worked hard, partied hard, and thought of my high school love often. No matter how much time passed, I just couldn’t forget about Sam and how much I missed him.
Then one evening, after a particularly hellish day at work, I got a knock on my door. I opened it to find Sam with a sheepish grin on his face. I could not believe my eyes. Standing there in the faint glow of the porch light he looked just like I remembered him and my heart instantly started beating faster. He dropped his bags and gave me a huge hug.
Turned out that Sam had been missing me as much I as missed him. He had missed me so terribly in fact, that when he heard that I was back in Canada, he had struck out from Vancouver Island with fifty bucks to his name, and hitchhiked all the way to Toronto, just to find out if he had a shot at winning my heart back.
Well, that was ten years ago, and I am happy to say that Sam and I have been together ever since. He is my sun and moon and I will love and cherish him until my last breath and beyond.
Thanks KD Air for having such a great contest for Valentine’s day!


Valentine’s Day Contest

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. We all have at least one person in our lives who is just that little bit extra special and it is time to let them know how special they are. It could be your spouse, a great friend, a parent, a sister or brother or someone who has had a significant impact on your life but it is time to tell the world what that person means to you! Tell us about that special person and you could be the winner of two round-trip tickets. All entries will be published here on the blog and the winner will be drawn from amongst the entries. Simply send us an email to by February 13th, 2011 telling us who is special to you and why. Send us a poem, a story or whatever your creative mind can conjure up and be sure to include your first name and phone number.

SALE ALERT!!!!! 2 FOR 2 On T Days.

It’s Tuesday afternoon or a Thursday mid-day, the weather is… well… you know, it is fall. You are feeling the blahs hitting you hard. You need to get away, to throw caution to the wind, live on the edge and let your dreams take flight. You NEED to transport yourself and give yourself a lift! At KD Air, we have the answer for you.

Fly on our afternoon 2pm or 2:50pm flight between Vancouver and Qualicum – that’s part of the “2” equation. Take someone with you – that’s the other part of the “2” equation. Fly on Tuesday or Thursday – T Days. And there you have it 2 For 2 On T Days. $200.00 including taxes for 2 passengers one way on Tuesday and Thursdays at 2pm or 2:50 pm. Gosh… it almost feels like stuttering!

KD Flashback Contest Winner

Congratulations to Maria Perpick for her guess of 2910 passengers flown between May 1, 1992 and August  31, 1992. The actual number of passengers who flew during this period was 2916!! We hope you enjoy your free round trip ticket, Maria, and encourage you to play again in one of our upcoming contests!

KD Flashback Contest

The year was 1992. The Qualicum Airport was under construction and a new plane for KD Air, not yet painted in the KD colors, made its first appearance on the Qualicum Runway. It was a time of change for KD Air and for the Qualicum Airport.

In celebration of KD Air’s years of service at the Qualicum Airport, we are introducing the “KD Flashback Contest”. It is quite simple, really.  Guess the number of passengers we flew that summer from May 1, 1992 though August 31, 1992. If your guess is the closest to the actual number, you will win a round trip ticket to any KD Air destination. Email your guesses to by October 15, 2010 for your chance to win. One guess per email address please.  In the event of a tie, we will play rock, paper, scissors to decide the winner!

Spot The Differences Winner!!

We would like to says to everyone who entered the Spot the Differences Contest. Some of you were so observant we had to blow up the photo to have a closer look! The contest winner is Ms. Jennifer Burke. She spotted a total of 19 differences which we were able to verify. Congratulations Jennifer!!

Here is a compilation of the answers we received in the Spot the Differences Contest.

  1. One plane is facing the right and the other is facing the left
  2. One plane has C-GPCA on the side while the other has C-GXEY
  3. the plane on the left has darker blue paint than the plane on the right
  4. the plane on the left has two pieces sticking up on the top while the one on the right has one
  5. the left plane’s logo on the back is written from top to bottom while the plane on the right has the the logo from bottom to top
  6. the plane on the left has its front pops closer to the front of the plane
  7. the tips of the wings on the left hand plane are in line with the 2nd and 3rd front windows while the tips of the wings on the right plane are in line with the 3rd and 4th window
  8. the left hand plane’s front prop sticks up higher than the right hand plane
  9. the light blue and dark blue stripes on the right hand plane are thinner than the left hand plane
  10. the light on the top of the tail on the left hand plane is sitting higher up than the one of the right hand plane
  11. on the tail of the right hand plane, above the C-GXEY and above the KD Air, there is a black strip up to the top of the tail
  12. there is a white mark in the shape of a rectangle on the tip of the right hand plane’s wing
  13. on the right hand plane, three blades of the propeller on the front are visible and on the left hand plane, only two blades are visible
  14. on the left hand plane, the KD Air logo is above the second side window, on the right hand plane, the KD Air logo is above the end of the second and most of the third side window
  15. on the right hand plane, there is a silver circle on the blue stripes, just above the wing and on the left hand plane it is not there.
  16. on the left hand plane the square on the blue stripes, between the wing and prop appears to have wider grates than the right hand plane
  17. on the right hand plane, the part that looks like a vent seems more open than the left
  18. plane on the left has 5 side windows while the plane on the right has 6
  19. on plane to the left, the navigation light is not placed at the tip of the wing while on the navigation light is placed on the outside tip of the wing
  20. the shadow in the photo is larger on the right than the left
  21. nose of the left plane longer than the nose on the right
  22. the aircraft on the left does not have wing lockers and the one on the right does

A new contest is right around the corner. Check back often for contest details. You too could be a winner!


Congratulations to our latest contest winner. Mr. Toivo Routu was the first person to approach us at The Fall Fair Parade and correctly identify Lars as the driver of our float. We hope you enjoy your sightseeing tour. Thank you to Toivu and to all who participated.

There’s a Parade in Town!

Join us in celebrating The Alberni District Fall Fair, September 11, 2010.  We will be participating in the annual parade with a unique KD Air float and will have plenty of candy and balloons for the kids. For the adults, we have a fun parade-time contest. Look at our Nuts and Bolts tab, read about the wonderful KD Air Staff and be the first one, during the parade, to tell us who is driving the float! If you are the first person to approach us and to correctly identify the driver, you will win a 1/2 hour sightseeing tour. This contest is valid ONLY during the parade. We are excited to see you there!

Spot The Differences

Here you see two planes – very similar yet very different. Here is the contest – tell us what differences you can identify from the photo. Here is how you can win – email and explain what differences you see. Who will win – the person who has spotted the greatest number of valid differences from the photo!! What will you win – a free round trip ticket for a KD Air destination.  Get out your observation lenses and give it your best shot. Send in your entries via email until the end of the day September 15, 2010.  We can’t wait to see what differences you will spot!


Well it is official – our first FLASH BLOG SALE available only to our KD Air Blog readers. If you are thinking of flying with KD Air between today, August 12, 2010 and Thursday, September 2, 1010 give us a call right away at 1-800-665-4244 to make your FLASH BLOG SALE reservations.Adult/senior/child/student – one way ticket from Vancouver to Qualicum or Qualicum to Vancouver only $105 all taxes included. Savings of $45 each way off the adult fare. Ticket must be ordered by the end of the day on Tuesday, August 17, 2010. Tickets will be pre paid and are non refundable!! You must tell the reservation agent you are calling for THE RED HOT BLOG SALE fare to qualify!

 We Have a Winner in the KD Naming Contest!!

Many thanks to Susan Bluck for your beautiful and visionary KD Story and for allowing us to share it on our blog! What a great idea, King’s Dream Air.

Did You Ever Wonder….?

Did you ever wonder where the name “KD” came from? Use your imagination!! Give us your most unique interpretation of what the “KD” in KD Air stands for or where it originated. The person with the most creative answer will receive a round trip ticket to Vancouver!

Email us your entries to by July 31, 2010 for your chance to win.

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